Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google Calendar (Free Software)

Support / Troubleshooting

Problem Signing-in ?

Download Registry Fix to fix the message "Your browser is not supported anymore" during Sign-in. This registry fix will only enable Calendar Sync to use newer browser version - either your default browser or installed version of Internet Explorer (IE). Download the file and just run it. Then restart Calendar Sync and Signin. This registry fix is recommended for portable version users. New users need not download this fix.

Download Registry Fix for Free version || Download Registry Fix for Pro version.
How to Download this fix: Right click on the above link and select "Save link as" and save and double click the downloaded file to run it.
If you are using 64bit web browser, and when the above fix does not work then download this - for Free version || for Pro version


Use Google OAuth2 Login Code: (Free v2.9 and Pro versions) to use sync frequency less than 60 minutes.
You need to do this to avoid quota errors during sync.

You need to sign-in to Google Developers Console using any Google account. It is free. You can also sign-in to this console using a different Google account, need not be the one you use for Calendar. (updated 25-Jan-2016)

1. Go to the Google Developers Console.
2. If this is the time you are signing-in to the console, Click "Enable and Manage APIs" (in the blue box in the middle that says "Use Google APIs").
3. This will open the new project screen, enter a Name for your project, tick the "I agree...." box and click Create.
4. You will now see the "API Manager". In the Search box type "calendar". Click the "Google Calendar API"
5. Then click on the Enable link to enable it.
6. In the sidebar on the left, select Credentials.
7. Click "Create credentials" button and choose "OAuth client ID".
8. You will be prompted to configure the consent screen.
9. Click "Configure consent screen" and enter a "Product Name" and Save.
10. Now on the Create Client ID screen, select "Other" and click "Create"
Copy the Client ID and Client Secret shown and store it for use in Calendar Sync as described below.

Use the Client ID and Client Secret shown in Google Console in Calendar Sync software.

Go to Auto-Sync tab - Enable "Google OAuth Login" - Paste the Client ID and Client Secret (taken from the Google API Console) - Save Settings. You should be able to now set the sync time interval to 5 minutes or more.

1. Getting Started:

1. Run Calendar Sync
2. Enter your Google account username and password. You can click "Save" here.
3.Click "Load Calendars" button under Select Outlook Calendar (choose one if you have more than one) or if the Outlook Calendar is a sub-folder or not visible in the list, click "Browse Folder" and select it from the pop-up box. and Click OK
4. Click "Save Settings" button
5. Choose sync direction
6. Click Save Settings button again. (this saves the settings other than Google Calendar)
7. Sign-in to Google and wait for the Google Calendar names to load.
8. When the Google Calendar list is seen, choose it and click "Save Calendar" button. Once you have saved the Google Calendar you don't need to click "Load Calendars" again.
9. Now click "Synchronize" to proceed. You dont need to click Sign-in button again even after you restart Calendar Sync or your computer.

2. Google Sign-in screen keeps flashing with password error or shows a blank sign-in screen or Unable to type anything in Google sign-in screen that pops-up after clicking on "Sign-in to Google" button.

You will not be able to enter anything in the Google sign-in popup window. You need to first enter Google username/password only in Calendar Sync software. Then click "Save" button. This saved information will be used for automatic sign-in and you don't need to anything after your click Sign-In, until you get the Google Calendar List.

3. Google Calendar names does not load - Error Loading calendar list - Try after sometime

Solution 1: If your connection does not go through a proxy but still dont see your Google Calendar list. Sign-in works through your web browser so it will work in all situation. After signin, Calendar Sync needs to make connection to google calendar server and your security/anti-virus/firewall should allow it to connect. You may try adding Calendar Sync in the list of allowed programs (to connect to internet) in your security/anti-virus/firewall and then try.

Solution 2 : If your connection requires a proxy you must use a portable version of Calendar Sync. To use proxy settings in Calendar Sync,
Go to Proxy Settings tab
Tick the following
- Enable Proxy Settings
- Use Default Proxy Settings. If your proxy requires authentication, tick the option "Use Default Credentials".
Save and sign-in again to see the Google Calendar list.

4. Calendar Usage Limits Exceeded / Rate Limit Exceeded [403] Errors in Log

Google will show this error when you try to sync too many events within a short period of time. See Google Calendar Help page for more details. Solution: Use your own Google OAuth code as mentioned at the top of this page and if required login to Google Console and increase the requests/user quota.

5. Google Calendar list is blank.

Sign-in works through your browser so it will work always. After that calendar sync needs to make connection to google server and your security/anti-virus should allow it and also proxy (if you are using it) should allow it to pass through. If your connection goes through a proxy, use the portable version and then in Proxy settings in Calendar Sync, Enable the first two options, if that doesn't work and if your proxy requires authentication tick the option "Use Default Credentials". If the default proxy options doesn't work, then in Proxy settings in Calendar Sync - Enable 1st and 3rd option and in 3rd option - enter your proxy address and port in the same format shown (with a trailing slash / after the port number)

6. Automatic Sync

In addition to other sync settings, choose the Google Calendar. Click "Save Calendar" button - this is important. Enable Auto-sync. Just keep the software minimized in system tray and forget it. You dont need to sign-in again to sync. If you are using Free version, you can also add the shortcut to Windows Startup. In Pro, the "Add to Startup" button in the "Other" tab, will add a shortcut to Windows startup so that Calendar Sync runs automatically on windows startup.

7. How to enable Calendar Sync to use Proxy Credentials

Applies to Calendar Sync Portable version only: . Use Calendar Sync v3.x and tick the option "Use Default Credentials".
For older versions, follow the instructions given below. Follow the instructions below to use proxy credentials. If you manually login to your proxy everytime, then login first and then run calendar sync after changing as below.
Open the Calendar Sync portable version folder:
open the file "calendar sync.exe.config" in notepad or wordpad.
The line <defaultProxy enabled="true"> should look like:

<defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true">

Save the file and Close/Exit notepad/wordpad.
Now run Calendar Sync with proxy settings enabled.

8. Outlook Security Warning: A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook.. .... Allow/Deny access...

If you are using internet security or anti-virus software which Windows can identify through the Security center then you will not get this security warning.

In Outlook 2007 - Go to Tools-->Trust Center or in Outlook 2010/2013 - File-->Options, Trust Center and change the Programmatic Access setting.
That will show anti-virus and windows security detection status. It should be "Antivirus status: Valid" and first recommended option should be selected.

9. "Error Synchronizing Event : The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)"

Solution: This can happen when Outlook has denied access to update the events. Restart of your computer should fix it. Or try this solution:
1. Close Outlook if running
2. Exit Calendar Sync by clicking on Exit button
3. Run Calendar Sync
4. Click on "Load Calendars" or Browse Calendar, Select a Calendar and "Save Settings"

10. Error: Cant fetch gmail events - Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Bad Request [400]

Solution: If you get "Cant fetch Gmail events". Click on the Log button. If it shows "Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Bad Request [400]" then the issue is due to time format in your windows settings. Change the Time format to hh:mm:ss (the delimiter/seperator must be " : " (colon) and not " . " (dot) )

Email for any issues. Attach a screenshot and/or the Log file in your email.

Calendar Sync Pro with deletions in 2way sync, deletions in both and sync upcoming events is now available for just US$9.99.


Calendar Sync Pro Features: Buy Calendar Sync Pro. Just US$9.99

Supports deletions in both Outlook and Google Calendar in 2way sync direction.

- Option to sync only upcoming/future Outlook appointments and Google Calendar events. This option is available in both 1way and 2way sync directions.

- Customisable Date range to Sync: Use From/To Date range to Sync. From dd/mm/yyyy -to- To dd/mm/yyyy or From any date to All future events.

- Choose any Outlook Calendar.
- Add to Windows Startup
- Enable Notification in system tray
- No 30 day event range limitation. Sync all appointments/events.

- Option to Skip Attendees, Skip Description, Skip Reminders/Notifications
- Sync Outlook Categories/Colors to Google Calendar
- Setup multiple Profiles: Sync multiple outlook calendars to multiple calendars in one google account.
Do not sync multiple google calendars with the same outlook calendar.

Pay and Download Calendar Sync Pro instantly. Portable version (zipped) is also available for download after payment. Zipped version does not require administrator access on your computer since there is no need to install it.


Calendar Sync Pro with deletions in 2way sync and more options is available for just US$9.99.


Privacy: No data is sent to external servers or any third party. Sync happens between the Calendar Sync software in your PC and Google. Your personal information is secure, safe with Google.

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