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Sweets are foods rich in sugar. The taste experience when sugar dissolves in the mouth. Little practice will help to prepare successful sweets. This section gives recipes of the common traditional sweets of India. Sweet preparation are served during special occasions.
Tiffins are breakfast dish/light meals in the southern part of India. Chutnies are important for tiffins like idlies,dosas,uppuma etc.

Variety Rice : This section consists of all rice varieties such as black pepper rice, pulav, fried rice, mixed rice varieties,sweet rice varieties, spicy briyani etc. Some of special varieties of 'Mix and Eat' powders are also given.

Kuzhambu : It is an curry type of dish, usually prepared as watery - gravy made of dhall/vegetables/tamarind and flavored with curry powder. It is eaten generally with plain rice or made simply, which is a main dish for lunch meal/dinner meal of south indians.This section consists of such curries, that are easy to make at home and have the touch of home cooking.

Poriyal : It can be prepared in dry or with gravy. Dry poriyal may be served as starters of main dish. Generaly poriyal with gravies are served with Indian breads (naans,rotis) or rice.Poriyal in dry state are served as side dish for lunch/dinner meal. They are served along with any meals satisfying the taste buds.
Snacks are commonly served in India before coffee or tea time in the evenings. This section comprises of recipes which have been passed on for generation together in Indian homes. These can be prepared at a leisure time and stored. Be warned that these snacks takes quite a bit of effort to prepare.

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