Easy to use emailserver

Mail@Office combines advanced features, enchanced security features, high performance and ease of use.

1. Multiple-Domains, Virtual Domains support

You can create sales@yourcompany.com as well as sales@anothercompanyname.com in the same installation of Mail@Office. You can have identical usernames under more than one domain name.

2. IMAP Email service. Centralised Email Storage.

A) Manage mail folders remotely by e-mail & webmail clients that support IMAP protocol.
B) Allows email access and management from more than one computer.
C) Messages & Folders Management - Supports multiple mail folders in one user account. User can create, subscribe, unsubscribe, synchronize, delete and rename folder on their account.

3. Secure POP3 - Automatically download mails from other mail servers into local accounts through SSL (secure socket layer). For example you can download mails from your gmail.com account.

4. Fetch POP3 - Download New Mails Only, Leave Mails on Server, Fetch Now options for each Remote POP3 Accounts.

5. Easy Backup & Restore of mailboxes.

6. Email Archiving & Monitoring / Message Processing: Mail filters provide an unique infrastructure for rich message processing of outgoing & incoming emails.
Take a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails sent by local users.
A) Multiple email filters, rules and multiple Actions can be created for each email account. Create Actions to be performed when an email arrives and/or when an email is sent out.
B) Content Filtering - Set up rules to control your mail content, run applications and much more.
C) Customize handling of Email attachment types per user basis.

7. Provide Email address for all employees without Internet connection on each PC.

8. Feature packed WebMail interface: (Optional)
Customizable webmail access to email accounts via any web browser.
User friendly and advanced Webmail for both Intranet and External Access.
Designed to offer the same kind of mailing experience normally only found in modern mail clients, it includes important features such as HTML mail composing, drafts, importance level control, sub folders, search, read receipts, attachment sending, addressbook, multiple identities and much more.
Common Address book access through Webmail

9. News Ticker on the Webmail login screen for quick and easy information broadcast to the email users. (optional)

10. Multi-threaded SMTP, Mail Relay Server - Simultaneous deliveries to remote SMTP hosts

11. Logging/Reporting - Per service log files, datewise, searchable.

12. Strong Security - Restrict access to mail server with IP Restrictions, SMTP Authentication.
- Allow/Deny access to services based on a single or a range of IP addresses.

13. Secure SMTP - Option to relay mails through SSL connection. This is useful when your ISP blocks default SMTP port (25). You can also use gmail's SMTP server to send mails.

14. User Account Options:
Services availability per account: Userwise Permissions to services like pop3, imap, smtp, mail relay.

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