Contacts Sync Pro - Download new version 3 (for Pro users only)

New Features in Pro

What's new in Pro V3 (scroll down for the Download button)

  • Option to "Skip Private Contacts".
    One-time sign-in window will popup prompting you to click (allow) "Access". You are only providing access to the installed Contacts Sync app to access your contacts.
  • Optional Sign-in button
  • "Sync both Profiles" will not work (for now)
  • 2nd Gmail settings moved to new tab "Profile 2 Config"
  • New options - Google OAuth Login (optional) and Paste code (after manual sign-in when there is problem with the browser sign-in window)
    If you have trouble with sign-in, see "Support" link

Changelog v2.2.6

  • Preview Sync with "Preview Contacts" tab- Preview the action (add/update/del) before doing the actual sync. Name, Email, Organisation Name, Last Modified date/time and source of the contact (Outlook or Gmail) can be viewed. Status column will show the action that will be taken at the destination. You can sort by any column and Export entire Contact list (both Outlook & Gmail Contacts on a single screen) as a single CSV file.
  • Skip a Outlook Category for contacts sync. (requires Outlook 2007 or later versions)
  • Set once a day sync schedule. You can now schedule a daily sync at a particular time of the day.
  • Sync Outlook contacts to 2 Gmail accounts - choose a different or same Outlook folder for each Gmail profiles and sync to 2 Gmail accounts. (1way only)
  • "System Group: My Contacts" will no longer be added to Outlook categories and the existing name will be removed.



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