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Category : Poriyal Yam & Golden Chana Poriyal Servings :
Ingredients :
Yam : 2 cups
Golden chana : 1 cup
Red chilli powder : 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder : 1 tsp
Garlic : 5 cloves
Ginger : 1" length
Onion - medium size : 1 no
Ginger : 1 inch length
Onion - medium size : 1 no
Tomato : 1 no
Cooking Oil : 3 tbsp
Mustard seeds : 1 tsp
Broken Urad dhall : 1 tsp
A few curry leaves  
Salt to taste  

Method of Preparation :

Soak golden chana(black/small channa) for about 7-8 hours. Wash and cut Yam into cubes, Wash and cut the Onions, Chop the tomatoes.

Pressure cook the soaked channa and drain the excess water.

Heat oil in a frying pan, add mustard seeds and allow to sputter. Add urad dhall,curry leaves and fry for a while. Add and fry Onions, Tomatoes, smashed garlic and ginger, Yam, sprinkle the red chilli powder,turmeric salt and mix thoroughly. Add water just to cook the yam and not excess. The yam should get cooked in about 5-10 minutes. Once cooked, add channa and mix it. Don't overcook the recipe, it will get smashed.

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